Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Room Makeover COMPLETE!!! YAY!!!

My daughter's room is finally finished...We have worked on and off for several months to get everything done. We did this for her 13th birthday. We needed to change the little girl things to teenager stuff (sniffle sniffle)...I was able to go in and change everything while she was gone this past weekend so it would be a little bit of a surprise for her. The only thing that I did that she did not know about was the clock that I made. Needless to say she was so excited when she got home. She had told me a 1000 times how much she loved it. I am so happy to have done it for her. She is an awsome smart girl that deserve all the greatness in life. Now for the pictures. The first two are before then the rest are after...but I am pretty sure all you wonderful people would have figure that out ;)..

Thanks for stopping by...Have a wonderful day