Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Help deciding on a new cutter

I am looking for suggestions on the available cutters that are out there. I currently have 2 Cricuts, but I am wanting a cutter where I can use Make the cut. I do have the plugin that allows continued use of the Cricut with make the cut, but with the newest version of make the cut the plug in will no longer work. I do not plan to get rid of my Cricuts. I want a cutter that handles intricate cuts as well as being able to cut foam and chip board. If any of you could provide me with suggestions of what to buy or what not to buy I would so appreciate it.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a fantabulous day!!!


  1. I see you have received no suggestions here. I'm not much help... I still just have a Cricut E but I LOVE Make the Cut!! I've not updated so I can still use my E. My carts rarely get used anymore.
    But I can send you where you might find some help... Paperthreads has a comparison chart.
    Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Kathy, First off, thanks for stopping by the blog hop and for your sweet words!

    Secondly, I have two Cricuts too, and I just got a Silhouette about a month ago. It's the only other cutter I've tried, but it's AMAZING!!! There's SO MUCH more you can do with it than with the Cricut. I have the old SCAL program that works with my Cricut, and they let me upgrade to the Silhouette program. The upgrade actually left my SCAL for Cricut alone, so I am able to use both! Not sure if MTC would do the same thing or not.

    I love being able to buy or make whatever images I want without having to commit to a whole cartridge. As much as I have loved Cricut in the past, this new cutter is SO MUCH BETTER, I really think the Cricut is on the way out.

    Amy E